The Narrative My Body Tells


My body is memory foam
The impression ever-lasting
It holds the secrets of harmonious days
and the scars of a troubled past
But none of that matters when you
Sink into the silk of my skin
And trace your fingers atop the rivers of my veins
They will speak stories to you
You will come to know the riots
That boil within me and the ones I’ve overcome
The resilient cells of my body
And I hope to God the truths are still
As lovely to you as they are to me

– MK



How many times
Will I have to look your way
For you to notice me

How many times
Will I have to curl these lashes
To try to impress you

How many times
Will I have to paint these lips
For you to touch them

How many times
Will I have to tell conversations with my eyes
For you to read them

How many more times
Will I have to smile cheek to cheek
For you to want to die for me





my feet sunk into the moist white sand
the moon illuminated
engulfing the sky with its fluorescence
that night it talked to me so quietly
through the breeze, it sung
taking on a different form
the reflection on the horizon calmed me
the smell of the sea consumed me
in that moment, i felt safe

through rage and despair
i could always go to them
knowing both would put my mind
in a trance of ecstasy
this was my rapture
this is home


The Calm


i’m an adrenaline junkie
always have lived for the thrill
a weakness from my past…

because lust is exhilarating and passionate
the fleeting tides reaching for the moon,
ripping through you and spilling out of you
yet love is mellow and calm
a nice breeze on a spring day
a standstill moment

i’m learning to accept the plateau
and be grateful for it
i’m learning


The Root of all Life


there are people like alcohol
deceiving, transient,
addicting yet dissatisfying
leaving you with wreckage
they can only show you momentary joy
before poisoning you and reducing you into ash
allowing you to set your soul ablaze

then there are people in this world like water
pure and magnificent, soft with strength
moving mountains with patience
they will cleanse and nourish you
quenching your soul’s thirst
they will speak miracles to you

remember this love.
when you need to replenish your soul
and you’re tired of the carnage of the poison
find water among the contamination


Brown Bodies


screen-shot-2017-06-19-at-6-22-00-pm-e1497922610173.png Why is it that the death of POC will never cause the same uproar as the death of whites? I’m outraged at the fact that the countries that we all live in do not value us but instead have learned to deflect our people. We are a part of this society. This is our country too. A 17 year old Muslim girl was murdered simply for being Muslim and no media outlet dared to say that this was a hate-crime. A man in a van hit a crowd of people leaving the mosque after prayer yelling “I want to  kill all Muslims” in London and still wasn’t deemed a terrorist. Now imagine this happening to people coming out of a church. The reaction will never be the same. This disgusting violent behavior is swept under the rug against Muslims every single day. Islamophobia has spread like wild fire among our nations and instead of condemning this sick ideology our leaders are the ones fueling it. We face the fear of not being safe anywhere we go, whether it’s in this country or the country our parents are from. We are never safe.

If you or someone you know has been harassed, assaulted or threatened with harm, it is crucial that you report such acts and threats of violence to law enforcement. If you have an incident to report, please contact Muslim Advocates to Counter Anti-Muslim hate at 415-692-4932.

The Complexity of Myself



I have traveled through different worlds
My flesh has touched many galaxies
It has maps of old tracings
That could make constellations jealous
My tongue has spoken languages that have been extinct
And my body has roamed through exotic realms
That turn your very perception into stardust
I’ve dipped deep into the unknowns of the sea
The darkness always welcomed me
These eyes know colors that don’t exist
They have made paintings out of gray
My mind has surpassed the physics of our being
It’s wandered into dimensions only God speaks about

So what makes you think you could understand me?